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Stede Bonnet: Charleston's Gentleman Pirate

Hundreds of pirates traversed the waters of the Atlantic during America’s colonial period, but few had a more adventurous tale than Stede Bonnet. Originally a wealthy plantation owner from Barbados, Bonnet abandoned his wife and children in 1717 to set sail on his pirate ship Revenge. He soon fell into company with Blackbeard in the Bahamas and headed for America. In May 1718, they arrived in Charleston and held the entire city hostage in a daring siege. Bonnet was eventually captured in North Carolina and transported back to Charleston, where he was brought to justice and executed on December 10, 1718. Join the swashbuckling adventures of the most infamous pirate to ever darken the Holy City’s waters.

(The History Press, 2012. ISBN 9781608495404)

Stede Bonnet: Charleston's Gentleman Pirate

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