Are you interested in taking a walking tour around downtown Charleston's Historic District with Captain Byrd? Perhaps you have found your way to this page after reading one of my books and are interested in further exploring some of the specific subject matter from one of my pirates or Poe. Or maybe you have a copy of "A History Lover's Guide to Charleston" and you are interested in a broader, more generalized historical tour of Charleston, but you do not want to get lost in the crowd on one of the big tour company's walking tours. A tailored walking tour with me might be just what you are looking for.


I do not have a specific, set or even scheduled walking tour, but I do enjoy showing off Charleston and sharing her history. I have been lucky enough over the last 10+ years to meet and spend time with lots of readers of my books who have contacted me and the walking tours that we have shared have been some of my favorite memories. If you are interested in taking a personal walking tour then call, text or e-mail me with the details of what you are looking for and we will work out a time/date and a fair, reasonable rate.